Pantalla de Carga

Arcos del Bodonal

Fondo de pantalla
  • Tipología - Social-health center
  • Cliente - Private
  • Localización - Tres Cantos, Madrid
  • Estado - Preliminary project
  • Escala - L / 30.900m²

A holistic and responsible engagement is required to approach the mixed sanitary program which, in this project, has combined a hospital, rehabilitation and residential areas. Its relationship with natural spaces is essential to maintain mental and physical equilibrium. In this context a center is proposed which is fully integrated with the natural vegetation of Tres Cantos, and characterized by its horizontal design and its focus on the relationship between spaces.

Tamaño movil

On the layout, the relationship between the longitudinal axis and transversal modules breaks up the building, creating a homelike internal atmosphere which is welcoming of both patients and their families. The element of the patio has been recovered, to serve as the basis of a system of bioclimatic behavior and composition. This contributes to improve the conditions of ventilation and lighting in all the building’s rooms.

Tamaño movil
Tamaño movil

The program provides a human-scale and low profile program in its northern part, which corresponds to residential areas, while the southern point, where sanitary equipment is found, presents a high and easily recognizable element. These differing scales reflect the spatial complexity of urban streets and allows the profits to be maximized of both types. From a cross-section perspective, function disposition is simple: two common-use floors, for medical practice and treatments in the shape of a pedestal, upon which two or more stores stand destined to residential functions.

Tamaño movil