Pantalla de Carga


  • Tipología - Apartment
  • Cliente - Private
  • Localización - Arturo Soria, Madrid
  • Estado - Built
  • Escala - S / 60m²

Changes in commercial models are causing the closure of many shops on the ground floor of buildings while, at the same time, the high price of homes in residential areas is making it increasingly harder for young families or couples to acquire property in them.

This project is located in the commercial space of a former restaurant, which revealed the potential to be turned into two studies.

Tamaño escritorio

To achieve this, we designed the studies on a single layout with 35 square meters for each, equipped with a toilet and a common area including a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen. The entire space is covered by impressive 4-meter-high ceilings and exterior carpentry to enhance lighting throughout all the space and improve the relationship between interior and exterior parts.

Tamaño movil
Tamaño movil