Pantalla de Carga


Fondo de pantalla
  • Tipología - Hospitality
  • Cliente - Private
  • Localización - Chamberí, Madrid
  • Estado - Preliminary project
  • Escala - S / 80m²

Our proposal of an architectural design for Becafé spaces seeks to combine the richness of Honduran culture, the beauty of its nature and Honduran passion for coffee and the hospitality industry. The aim is to create a place that will allow visitors to get to know Honduras through its most reputed products.

Tamaño escritorio

A thorough analysis has been carried out of each element with the purpose of enriching a multisensorial experience involving the combination of aromas derived from coffee and cedar wood, a tenuous illumination which promotes creativity, a choice of sounds and music to suit the moment, as well as a choice of natural tissues, very pleasant to touch. All these elements are fused to bring this establishment to life.


Through the combination of different tones of wood, polished concrete, lime plaster, natural cotton and abundant vegetation, a feeling is created to suit the business’ tropical theme. The location is organized into three areas: a “take-away” area, a bar for a “short pause”, and a rest area for those customers who wish to be catered for, sit back and enjoy their coffee.


Tamaño movil
Parallax Fondo Parallax Falso