Pantalla de Carga

Burgos 9

  • Tipología - Apartment
  • Cliente - Private
  • Localización - Chamartín, Madrid
  • Estado - Built
  • Escala - S / 90m²

Transforming this apartment has posed a crucial challenge: improving interior welfare by promoting crossed ventilation and the entry of natural light. This transformation has also contributed to raising the energetic efficiency of a home built in the 1980s.

Tamaño escritorio

For this project, we have prioritized the creation of a space devoided of any unnecessary internal partitions and minimized circulation areas. Despite being on a ninth floor, a connection has been promoted between its inside and outside through a window of over four meters’ length and panoramic views.

Tamaño movil

Oak furniture has become a central element in the project, allowing for a division of spaces, to harbor facilities and serve as a storage area.

Also,the combination of natural oak tones and white finishings strikes an elegant balance between old and new materials.

Tamaño movil
Tamaño movil
Tamaño movil
Tamaño movil

Warmth and smoothness in the same space.

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