Pantalla de Carga

Fernán González

Fondo de pantalla
  • Tipología - Single-Family House
  • Cliente - Private
  • Localización - Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
  • Estado - Built
  • Escala - S / 120m2

The town of Pozuelo de Alarcón is located in the Northwest of Madrid. Pozuelo boasts a rich history and stands in a unique natural environment on the right-hand bank of the Manzanares river and bordering the park Casa de Campo. Its historical center, known as the old neighborhood “Sitio de los Horcajos”, is presently undergoing a significant process of urban renovation.

This process means the transformation of old rural houses into high-quality homes inspired by the garden city model. Our project is located at one of these sites.

Conceptually, our new proposal consists of three volumes interconnected through a gallery housing both common and private areas. This gallery serves to provide natural light from above, enables natural crossed ventilation and facilitates both vertical and horizontal communication between different levels and rooms. The aim is to blur the limits between the outside and inside, creating continuity of use. At the same time, exterior spaces enhance vegetation, generating natural landscapes.

The space’s building systems and layout are designed to emphasize the home’s optimal passive efficiency. This is achieved through the materials’ high thermal inertia, excellent insulation and the evaporative cooling of garden areas.

Tamaño movil

Also, natural materials have been used such as oak wood for the structure, burnt white brick for the façade, limestone for the pavements, natural cork isolation and copper roofing, all of them characteristically energy-efficient and of low consumption.