Pantalla de Carga


Fondo de pantalla
  • Tipología - Social-health center
  • Cliente - Consejería de Sanidad
  • Localización - Plasencia, Extremadura
  • Estado - Competition
  • Escala - L / 3.500m²

The focus for the new social and health center of Plasencia has been based on considering the city as part of a natural environment, connecting the Jerte Valley and the National Park of Monfragüe. Relationships with nature, functional organization and the welfare of customers have all been prioritized, all within a highly sustainable framework. The proposal is characterized by its openness and by its modular and polivalent character.

Tamaño movil

The center is conceived as a city in itself, given its complexity and population, where open-air and interior spaces, common and privates areas are interwoven. This allows residents to choose between enjoying their privacy or sharing experiences with others, similarly to life in a city. The plot is completely optimized, with its east area devoted to common areas and its west area to private spaces. The north block houses health facilities, while the southern block is devoted to social welfare. The entire establishment is continuously integrated into its natural environment.

Tamaño movil
Tamaño movil

To design the building’s technical systems, we have turned to the principles of bioclimatic and industrialized architecture: alongside the numerous passive strategies based on adaptation to the Plasencia climate, a system is proposed of structural cross-laminated wood combined with wooden beams that fulfil both prerequisites. Everything is materialized through a dry and deft assemblage to save time and costs.

Tamaño movil