Pantalla de Carga


Fondo de pantalla
  • Tipología - Office
  • Cliente - Private
  • Localización - Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid
  • Estado - Built
  • Escala - S / 126m²

In the second half of the nineteenth century, concerns about salubriousness and hygiene became central to architects, town-planners, politicians and citizens in all of Spain. Factors like street width, the number of green areas and building height became crucial to building improvement. The Salamanca neighborhood became a prime example of this “new urban planning”.

To this day, buildings of great heritage value can be found in this neighborhood, like the one on Velázquez Street, near Madrid’s Retiro Park.

Tamaño movil

The building’s original state, with some deficiencies but also ample rooms, unique decorations, tall windows, noble materials and enviable location became a great opportunity to establish the main headquarters of an important international trade company.

The aim of this project was to combine a working environment with a confortable homelike area with cozy spaces.

Tamaño movil

The project operated on the premises of preserving highly valuable elements and highlighting their singularity. A thorough cataloguing process was carried out of architectural details, such as moldings, carpentries, fittings and coatings, culminating in a meticulous design process to better integrate them.

Tamaño movil
Tamaño movil

The warm tones of pine wood were combined with carpet and curtain cloths, as well as details in brass and lighting systems. Elements like vegetation, green marble and dyed oak wood created a contrast with the light tones of the original walls and molds.

As well as all this, the tables were designed specifically for this space.

Tamaño movil